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Indoor Quality Inspections

Indoor Quality Inspections


One of the most dangerous organisms that can invade your property and it is part of the environment, is mold. Mold can be seen in plants, foods, and organic materials indoors and outdoors. Mold spores can enter your home through windows and doorways and through the heating and air-conditioning systems. Mold thrives in humid environments such as leaky pipes and roofs, bathtubs and sinks, and humidifiers as well. Mold presence can drastically lower the value of your home as well as trigger health problems.

Customers are sometimes trying to find out the quality of the air in their properties or a specific area of a property. A good way is by taking air samples to determine the number of spores in the air. This is a more economical way of collecting samples and determining if the counts are elevated or not, which is done by a third party accredited laboratory. The difference between a Mold Assessment and Air Quality Testing is that the Air Quality is based on the samples and a detailed inspection is not performed at the time. The customer will receive ONLY the lab results with no analysis of recommendations of the conditions on the report and if the results come back elevated, most likely a full Assessment might be required to get a protocol. As a recommendation, samples will not find the source and will not provide the protocol for repairs, so if a sample is collected and evidence is present at the property then it would be better to have the assessment done at the time by a licensed Mold Assessor.
Indoor quality sample testing is not recommended if there are health issues or concerns in the property, in this case a full assessment is recommended to be able to identify and provide proper determination and protocols for correction and removal of mold if present.

All Inspections 4U will collect the samples requested by the customer and send them to be analyzed to a third-party accredited laboratory. A laboratory report will be provided within 24 hours of the inspection or less, depending on the size of property.

What is involved in an Indoor Quality Inspection?
1. An indoor quality testing consists of collecting air.
2. The samples collected and locations will be determined to be the best locations for testing and/or if it’s by the customer request. An exterior sample will be collected for comparison reasons. The only case that an exterior sample might not be collected is if the property is by the sea. All our samples collected are analyzed by third party licensed, certified and accredited laboratories with the most up-to-date equipment in the industry.
3. The report is presented in a colored report with results coming directly from the laboratory.
4. An air quality inspection cost is based on a sample collected basis, needs, type of property and condition of property.


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