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Insurance Inspections

Insurance Inspections


If you are planning on buying, selling or refinancing a home in Florida, All Inspections 4U will help you expedite the process in regards to your insurance needs. We have an exemplary team of licensed professional home inspectors at your service.


All Inspections 4U is a provider of retail residential and commercial insurance inspections in the State of Florida. Every month we help thousands of policyholders just like you obtain, retain, or save money on their insurance through our high-quality Windstorm Mitigation, Four Point or Roof Certification inspections.

All three insurance inspections are required in the State of Florida for several reasons: to renew the insurance, when searching for a new insurance company, when buying a property, when in the process of refinancing your home or when upgrades are done to existing properties.

All three insurance inspections forms are from the State of Florida and have their own requirements and process on how to fill them properly. In the State of Florida ALL inspectors are required to be certified and with continuous education on the forms in order to be able to conduct the inspections. These 3 forms are good for 5 years, unless the owner is changing insurance companies, needs to renew a current policy or if there’s a known issue with one of the systems or the insurance company requests one in particular.

Wind Mitigation #1802

This State form is intended to determine construction requirements for wind loads of the property in regards to protection of glazed, non-glazed and roof systems.

Windstorm inspections are vitally important for home buyers and owners. Wind Certifications will save you money and lower your insurance premium. Every home is covered with structures that are designed to protect it from the elements and wind. Poor structures and roofing can make your home vulnerable to powerful winds and good structures and roofing can protect your home and keep it intact for a lifetime.

All Inspections 4U will look at your roof design, tie-downs, roof decks, and protection systems for doors and windows. They will be able to determine vulnerable areas and recommend the kinds of reinforcements or changes you should make in order to protect your home. Your home inspection can be combined with wind mitigation or it can be done separately.

4 Point Form

Required for any single-family house over 30 years or by special request of the insurance company. This form includes: roof, electrical, plumbing, AC, water heater and appliances. The intention is to find the life expectancy of all the items and any need for corrections or upgrades.

A 4 Point inspection of your home, which is mandatory to single family homes over 30 years old and that after the inspection the insurance companies determines the needs of this home, will lower your claims and make your home safer. The 4point inspection covers the plumbing, the roof, the heating and ventilation, and air-cooling system and others. The standards and quality of the system are considered during inspections. Age, components and condition of home systems are focused on and recommendations after each inspection are the determination of the insurance companies.

Roof Certification Form

The roof certification form is already included in the 4 Point inspection report, but an individual form could be requested from the insurance company if a roof system has reached the life expectancy, if there’s a re-roof performed or if there’s a discrepancy on the records.

The roof is a major part of your home providing protection from the elements and supporting the upper structure. It must be kept in good shape to stay functioning properly. All Inspections 4U will help you evaluate the integrity of the structure of your roof. We offer full roof inspections with detailed reports and recommendations. A roof condition certification is required for insurance. Roofs must be in good condition with no visible signs of leaks or damage to be eligible for insurance coverage and must be within the life expectancy parameters of the area.

The State forms for these forms are uniform around the State and the requirements for filling the forms are also the same as the State. The forms require pictures to back-up and proof the existing conditions of a property. The forms are intended to provide actual documentation of the property in regards to safety.

These inspections could be performed in combination with a home inspection in order to save some money by combining costs at the time of purchase; ask your inspector for more information.

We serve all of South Florida, we have been performing inspections in the counties of Palm Beach, Broward and Dade and many others in the State since the year 2000.

Having an insurance inspection done by All Inspection 4U will give you the peace of mind you need for the safety of your home.

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