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Townhome Inspections

Townhome Inspections


If you are planning on buying or selling a home in Florida, All Inspections 4U will help you expedite the process from beginning to end. We have an exemplary team of licensed professional home inspectors at your service.
For our details on what is an inspection, go to WHAT IS section under the residential section.

The difference between a home inspection and a townhome inspection is:

● Although townhomes are often located in communities just like condos, they are not the same thing. When you buy a townhome, you own the structure of the building where the home is located and the property underneath it. Townhomes may have small yards delineated by fencing to separate them.

● In some cases, the exterior of a townhome will be covered under the association blanket and the inspection will be more like a condo inspection. It’s extremely important for the buyer to make sure you know this prior to the inspection and let your inspector know about also. Your real estate professional should know this ahead of time and should also be disclosed by the seller in the agreement signed by both parties.

There’s a prevailing myth in the real estate industry that a townhouse inspection is far easier than a single-family home, takes less time, and uncovers fewer defects. False, false, and false. When we quote a price for a townhouse inspection, we always quote the inspection fee exactly as we would for a single-family home. Why? Because townhouses are usually just as much work to inspect as a single-family home, and they have all the same problems. We conduct townhouse inspections in the same manner as single-family homes… including the common areas.

We often hear: “But you don’t need to inspect the common areas, they’re owned by the association.”

That’s a common objection given by home buyers or real estate agents. It’s true, the common areas are typically owned by the association, but who owns the association? If the roof needs replacement and the association isn’t aware of this or hasn’t budgeted funds for the roof replacement, who is going to pay?


We can serve all of South Florida, we have been performing a Home Inspection in the counties of Palm Beach, Broward and Dade and many others in the State.

Our professional home inspectors will conduct a complete examination of your home from the crawling spaces to the roof. Our home inspectors will examine the plumbing, heating, ventilation and electrical systems, the roof, the structure components and insulation. We will also evaluate the exterior and interior, crawlspace, the built-in kitchen appliances and the doors and windows. We will provide you with a detailed written report and include photos and recommendations for any necessary repairs. Our inspectors will discuss with you all questions and concerns about repairs or items that require attention.

Our Home Inspection prior to purchase could include a Comprehensive Home Inspection, Insurance Inspections, Roof Inspection, Mold Inspections, Thermal Inspections and many others that could be added as per customer request.

Having a home inspection done by All Inspection 4U will give you the peace of mind you need when buying a new home.

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