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40 Year Building Certification

40 Year Building Certification



Our services are provided to residential and commercial properties providing the reports ready to present to the specific cities and building departments.
The requirements contained in the Florida Building Code, covering the maintenance of buildings, shall apply to all buildings and/or structures now existing or hereafter erected. All buildings and/or structures and all parts thereof shall be maintained in a safe condition, and all devices or safeguards that are required by the Florida Building Code shall be maintained in good working order. Electrical wiring, apparatus and equipment, and installations for light heat or power and low voltage systems as are required and/or regulated by the Building Code, now existing, or hereinafter installed, shall be maintained in a safe condition and all devices and safeguards maintained in good working order.

A 40 Year Inspection is conducted, and a typewritten report is produced specifically for your building, based upon the results of the inspection. The report format and content are strictly specified by the municipality. Many municipalities are now re-inspecting the building again after your engineers have submitted their Recertification Report to verify that your engineer did a thorough job, but it may be another attempt to generate additional fees, by assessing late filing fees, if your report needs to be amended or modified from the original submittal.

• 40 YEAR RECERTIFICATION What is a 40-year recertification inspection? When a building turns 40 years old, a mandatory inspection is required to ensure that the structure still meets safety standards and current building codes, and to identify areas that need updating to bring the structure up to par.

What is a 40-year Re-certification?

• This is called a 40-year re-certification. The county actually says the 40-year re-certification must determine “the general structural condition of the building and the general condition of its electrical systems.
• In most of the cases, by municipality, the form used is the same and it’s just a re-certification every 10 years.

Why do you need an illumination study?

In certain counties, the illumination study is part of the 40-year certification and it’s mandatory; like is the case of Miami Dade County. We all know that dark areas at night can be a hazard. There are many things that can happen in open parking lots such as car accidents, assaults, and robberies. It is for this reason that Dade County has required that parking lots contain a certain minimum amount of lighting. It all comes down to a safety issue. We all want to be safe.

What is an illumination study?

An illumination study is an analysis of the lighting levels at the parking areas of your property. At its most fundamental, your professional that you hire for your 40-year recertification will walk around the parking lot and measure the light levels at the different areas. A light meter is used to measure the levels and at no time will the lighting levels be less than 1 foot-candle. After the inspection, your professional should be able to let you know, through a written report, the areas where the lighting needs to improve.

Why a Commercial Seller Should Timely Obtain the 40 Year Recertification

• As part of the due diligence process in a commercial real estate transaction, the buyer will review the property’s physical structure and legal history. If the seller has failed to obtain a timely certification or recertification, it will often result in the buyer requiring that the certification be completed before closing, which may consequently lead to a delay to the closing process. Conversely, having the proper certification or recertification proves that the property is structurally (and thus legally) sound, making it much more sellable at its market rate.


Our professional home inspectors will conduct a complete examination of your home from the basement to the roof. Our home inspectors will examine the plumbing, heating, ventilation and electrical systems, the roof, the structure components and insulation. They will also evaluate the exterior and interior, the basement and crawlspace, the built in kitchen appliances and the doors and windows. We will provide you with a detailed written report and include photos and estimates for any necessary repairs. Our inspectors will discuss with you all questions and concerns about repairs or items that require attention.

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