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Seawall Inspections

Seawall & Dock Inspections


Almost all of the waterfront properties in South Florida (canal-front, bay-front, river-front) are protected by seawalls or bulkheads which were installed by the original developer or a marine contractor. Most of the original seawalls in South Florida are nearing the end of their useful lives or have been replaced.  We will provide our expertise in problems with seawall, and information regarding the repair and replacement of seawall. In addition, our Inspectors have extensive knowledge on how to prolong the useful life of a seawall or bulkhead, and thus postpone the expense of major repairs or replacement.

When repairing an existing seawall there are usually a variety of options and prices. A seller will obviously choose the cheapest option. You as a buyer want the seawall to last a long time and would choose a different option than the seller.

The seawall components, including but not limited to, the seawall cap, bulkhead, panels, footings, and any other component which is visible from the land side of the structure. The land side components of the wall system for signs of settlement or soil loss by either visual means or probing.

Please contact us for a price on your seawall and or dock inspections. Each inspection site is different. Inspection costs on older marine structures and or marine structures with more components are typically more complex than those that are newer and or are limited in scope.

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