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Multifamily Inspections

Multi-Family Building Inspections


What Is A Multi-Family Building Inspection?

A multi-family building inspection is performed to find hidden or not-apparent problems with your apartment building. For example, a water leak that is behind a wall typically cannot be detected visually without punching holes in walls.

An infrared inspection allows inspectors to find that leak from the difference in temperature behind the wall, without damaging the wall. This saves the building owner money and time, especially if long term damage is at risk.

A multi-family building inspection should include:

  • Visual inspection
  • Functional testing of exterior building components, roofing and mechanical systems
  • Analysis of  interior components appliances and fixtures
  • A clear report for actionable insight

About Our Building Inspections Services

Our fully-trained apartment building inspectors can handle any size of building in the State of Florida. With over 20 years’ experience, and over 2,500 multi-family inspections, we are very well adapted to meeting the needs of multi-family investors, purchasers and existing owners.

All Inspections 4U has been a leader in multi-family inspections in South Florida for many years and our inspection team has developed an efficient inspection process for gathering data on the life expectancy of the building components.

We understand that your analysis is economically based and our reports put exceptional planning data at your fingertips. Our reports give you an analysis of all major components and their likely replacement timing to help you budget forecast with ease and precision.

Multi-family Inspection Reporting

Our report formats are easy to read and designed to give you a precise picture of the building components condition and an outline of the life expectancy of the components.

After your apartment building inspection, you will receive a report. The narrative report will outline the findings in regards to the major components of the complex. The report will include an executive summary of the findings and a complete descriptive report with digital images and infrared images (if requested) as needed.

Unbiased Reporting

We don’t do building repairs, so there is no reason for us to “find” problems with your building that don’t really exist.

Clear and Easy to Read Reports

We provide interior reports that breakdown each interior component’s life expectancy on the report.  This allows for easy budgeting over the next years.

Our narrative report takes the data collected from the interior per unit inspection and compiles it with the major component analysis.

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